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Security and total privacyOur goal against Covid19

Our goal is to ensure the health and serenity of our guests and staff

The health of our guests and staff is a priority for us right now. The health emergency has changed and will change the way we live and travel, we are fully aware of it and we are constantly working to adapt our offer and to create an environment that is able to guarantee safety, security, privacy and relaxation for a holiday that is carefree but also responsible thanks to increased attention from us and a collaborative relationship with our guests.

We have adopted the safety standards envisaged for our sector by the World Health Organisation, defining a specific internal manual that covers all the sectors concerned:

  • hygiene standards for staff in all sectors and at all times of service (reception, cleaning, breakfast, catering)
  • environment-specific sanitation procedures
  • making protective equipment and materials available to our guests
  • guarantee of social distancing in all environments (from the communal rooms to swimming pool)
  • training of our staff
  • the provision of information tools for our guests
  • the rationalisation of work processes and use of spaces
  • agreement with a specialist in healthcare for any requirements our guests may have

Manual constantly updated in relation to the evolution of the standards and needs expressed by our guests.

Our location has always had important elements to guarantee the health of our guests:

  • We have been an Ecoresort for almost 20 years, making the protection and health of the environment our main value
  • We are immersed in lush and pristine nature, within a 25-hectare organic farm surrounded by centuries-old olive groves and tall woods where it is easy to spot different types of animals
  • We have lots of space to enjoy. Inside our property and in the immediate vicinity you can fully enjoy the outdoors and practise different types of sports, including hiking, running, biking, horseback riding, quad riding and water sports in Lake Trasimeno
  • The small size and configuration of our structure, divided into several separate buildings, where most of the accommodation is located on the ground floor with an independent entrance, allows most of the accommodation to be separated and to enjoy both an internal space and an external space dedicated to you.
  • Although surrounded by nature, we are fortunate enough to be only 15 minutes from the most important hospital complex in Umbria, which can be reached immediately if needed

Our services can be enjoyed, to guarantee health, in a manner that is timely and personalised to the individual guest directly in their accommodation or in the communal spaces exclusively where possible, or, in any case in absolute compliance with the safety and social distancing regulations:

  • We offer food that combines taste that is typical of the territory with a strong focus on organic ingredients and on health, on the special needs of our guests such as vegetarianism, veganism and food intolerances
  • Breakfast can be served directly in your room or in the dedicated dining room with extreme flexibility in terms of times and products served and on the basis of defined shifts
  • Meals (both lunch and dinner) can be served either directly in your accommodation for total relaxation inside or in the dedicated outdoor space where present. Alternatively we have several communal outdoor spaces (patio, panoramic pool) that allow us to guarantee separation and distance in case of good weather. In the internal space of our restaurant we take 2 shifts at different times to strictly respect the distances and to guarantee the service
    Our restaurant only for two, the only one in Umbria, allows you to enjoy a particularly romantic dinner in a dedicated environment
  • Snacks and aperitifs throughout the day are available in both the indoor and outdoor dining spaces, in your accommodation or even directly in the spa.
  • The spa can only be used exclusively in absolute privacy for the couple, family or group of friends such as massages and other wellness treatments, which can be enjoyed either in the spa or directly in your accommodation
  • In the pool umbrellas and deckchairs are safely spaced out