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Digital DetoxDisconnect the technology and riconnect to yourself

Being permanently connected now seems to have become essential, often to the detriment of the quality of our time, our life, our concentration and our psychophysical well-being. We need to find a balance and proper use, to rediscover parts of us that phone calls, notifications, emails and messages have made us neglect. Detaching from technology, to reconnect to oneself, can be a very useful element to then reintroduce a healthy use of digital devices in everyday life.

At the Cantico della Natura you can detach from the digital world simply and in the way that you want. Surrounded by nature, we are an ideal place for you to:

  • Turn off your phone and deliver it to us safely. It will be returned to you if you can’t do without it for urgent matters or at the end of your stay
  • At your request, we can remove the TV from your home and have it replaced with a selection of books
  • Rediscover true and immediate contact with the unspoilt nature around us
  • Rediscover a healthy relationship with your loved ones
  • Rediscover the pleasures of life such as love, family, good food, well-being… without being interrupted and distracted.

It will be surprising to discover how pleasant it is to detach for a moment and to rediscover the sounds of our being and who is important to us.