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EventsAstral, magical and intense wedding

Magical and intense

What could be more exciting and romantic than getting married beneath a starry sky? Perhaps enveloped in the world’s largest luminous heart. When you look up to the sky at Cantico della Natura, you will discover the wonder of having a roof of stars lying above the hills overlooking the lake. The soft reflections of the lights reflecting on the water create a unique and unrepeatable, enchanted and fairytale atmosphere in which everyone, especially the bridge and groom, would want to be.

  • 18:00 – Sunset Aperitif with lake view at the panoramic pool. The renowned sunsets on the lake kick off the party with a rich Aperitif that creates just the right atmosphere of relaxation, joy and expectation
  • Night ritual of the star wedding in an enchanted atmosphere that starts from the avenue of lanterns from which the bride and groom arrive awaited (she in wedding dress with a tulle of stars from “One Thousand and One Nights”, sky in the background and many stars above) by all the guests at the pool with a view of the lake and that becomes the focus of a series of magical events: a) soft flames and fires on braziers that surround the pool creating that sense of a warm gathering c) floating lights on the pool that create that touch of contemporary magic d) star symbols and illuminations
  • Exchange of star symbols between the spouses (rings or small chain) as a promise of dream and magic to give to their lives
  • Silent observation of the sky for a few minutes in the search for falling stars for a unique emotion and to express the desire of life
  • The launching of spheres of air into the sky, each guest lights one and offers it to the bride and groom. The sky is coloured with stars and desires. Symbolic exchange between the guests of star dust, above each of them: love, love, love for all for an unforgettable moment of collective “cosmic” union
  • Listening to the sounds of the forest and nocturnal animals that then welcome the star-inspired music, which recalls ancient rituals, discreet and evocative, archaic and hypnotising
  • Open bar of soft drinks and snacks open all night
  • Large midnight dinner on the inner patio with ceiling made of star-like lights on a blue background
  • “Stellar” music and dances until morning
  • Final gentle and soft “awakening with the sun” with warm croissants and chocolate in the shape of a crescent moon, a greeting a day for a party that has never stopped
  • Meanwhile, the bride and groom have fled, at the end of the night, to the romantic suite under the stars where from the enveloping round mattress they can continue to converse bathed in sweat with the stars, to start the dream of a lifetime

Star wedding support side services

  • Embroidered star garland that the bridegroom gives to the bride to decorate her dress to become a “Star” bride and to envelop their bodies during the ceremony as a wish and symbolic element of their union
  • Star-themed veil with light effects and headband tiara for her
  • Star themed invitations in blue and finished in gold and silver with celestial symbols
  • Star themed Tableau de marriage, each table a star
  • Lunar themed round table mise en place
  • Menu star themed in dishes and names
  • Star themed wedding cake and golden effects on a celestial blue background
  • Star and half moon dessert buffet
  • Themed confetti and macaroni
  • Themed invitations inspired by van Gogh’s famous “starry night” painting