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Travel with your pet

Your 4-legged friend is also our friend

We are animal lovers. Your pets are more than welcome inside the rooms and communal areas. You won’t need to leave them at home or put them into kennels. Instead you can take them with you and enjoy with them all our services and all the large outdoor and indoor spaces without limits and at no additional cost. We accept all types of animals and all sizes, provided they are used to living in indoor spaces and are managed with care and attention by their owners while respecting the facilities and the other guests. They too can enjoy a stay of relaxation and freedom and socialise, if they want, with our dogs and with those of the other guests

We’ve thought of a few treats for your pet to make it feel at home:

  • Welcome gift for our 4-legged friends
  • Accommodation in the room and communal areas
  • Wide spaces in nature
  • A use kit consisting of a cot/pillow, and bowl on request (the request must be specified at the time of booking)
  • The contact details of a local veterinarian are available
  • Dog sitting service (must be booked in advance defining the day and time)