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The Whispers of the Soul

Il Cantico is a particularly suitable place to host personal growth paths, yoga, meditation and other holistic disciplines. The luxuriant nature that surrounds us and the wide open spaces, the dedicated internal rooms, the restaurant’s cuisine customized according to your needs, the intimate rooms equipped with all comforts, the extremely welcoming spa, the atmosphere and the energy of the place, all elements that make it the ideal place to host such activities

To encourage moments of silence and intimate reflection, a meditation path intersperses corners of nature with phrases by famous authors from different cultures, written on wood. A path between creation and our inner world where we can give movement to the body and peace to the soul. In memory of Antonietta, Francesco’s mother, a person always attentive to the small essential things and the secrets of spirituality, we have created, starting from the shrine that remembers her, a ceramic via crucis of Deruta in the middle of the centuries-old olive grove, for those who, in solitude, he wants to spend a moment of silence and encounter with himself.

It is truly possible to stop time and give it value, dedicate it to oneself, stimulate the senses, regenerate deeply at all levels, live an experience that awakens and transforms. This is thanks to a set of elements that make it a unique place.

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