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Spa and wellness Attention to the 5 senses

Wellness paths

At Cantico della Natura, the concept of well-being is closely linked to nature, with its energy and the territory around us, with its main products and is designed as a mix of direct attention to the 5 senses, to lift the body, mind and soul.

Massages and Treatments

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Gourmet Massages

Paths of taste between oil, wine and chocolate

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A treasure chest of relax and privacy


The spa, very welcoming, offers the luxury of being enjoyed exclusively as a private spa for only one couple or family (including the youngest) or for one group of friends at a time. This is the characteristic that makes it different, a unique event, a space of gentle relaxation and intimacy, to be used by reservation. The Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi and bathtub dedicated to wine baths are the path along which you can enjoy good wine, champagne or Prosecco served with fruit or chocolate on the floating table in the Jacuzzi, or an excellent organic herbal tea for those most attentive to health.

Holistic Wellness

Cantico is an ideal place to enjoy holistic wellness understood in a broad sense. Located in a corner of paradise, surrounded by uncontaminated nature, full of energy, it is a particularly suitable place to accommodate work groups and physical, psychological and spiritual growth of different types. It is truly possible to stop time and to give it value, to dedicate it to yourself, to stimulate the senses, to deeply regenerate yourself at all levels and to enjoy an experience that awakens and transforms. This is thanks to a set of elements that make it a unique place.

The quiet and the whisper of the soul

Panorama. relax and sociability

The Pool

Our fan-shaped panoramic pool is an exceptional natural terrace, with stunning views of Lake Trasimeno and of the surrounding countryside. Not surprisingly considered by local magazines as one of the most beautiful pools in Umbria, it is enhanced even in the hottest moments, by a gentle breeze. It is a place of deep relaxation, from early morning to sunset that often paints the sky with magical colours that extend into infinity. Extremely pleasant even after dinner it is also a place of exchange and sociality for those who enjoy this.