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Holistic wellnessStillness and the whisper of the soul

Cantico is an ideal place to enjoy holistic wellness understood in a broad sense. Located in a corner of paradise, surrounded by uncontaminated nature, full of energy, it is a particularly suitable place to accommodate work groups and physical, psychological and spiritual growth of different types. It is truly possible to stop time and to give it value, to dedicate it to yourself, to stimulate the senses, to deeply regenerate yourself at all levels and to enjoy an experience that awakens and transforms. This is thanks to a set of elements that make it a unique place.

  • The unique setting in which it boasts rare natural beauty, with a panorama in which the view is lost in the contemplation of breathtaking sunsets that turn into a night sky rich in bright stars. A 25-hectare estate where you can walk, exercise and meditate freely in a set of corners of absolute peace and silence
  • The presence of a very strong energy, both in the area of the Cantico (as demonstrated by the Fengh Shui analysis carried out) and of the nearby hill of Mount Penna, a sacred place, where outdoor mass is celebrated and where you can discover a surprising panorama over all of Umbria as far as Tuscany and le Marche, perfect for times of meditation day and night
  • The wide spaces in nature and the possibility of enjoying them in different ways in freedom and with specific activities
  • The presence of adequate indoor spaces dedicated to the activities to be carried out: a room of 115 square meters with a large outdoor patio in addition and a room of 60 square meters
  • The presence of places dedicated to the inner world such as the meditation path and the via crucis
  • The catering includes the typical and organic products of the territory with a focus on health and specific needs (from vegetarianism to veganism, from celiac disease to intolerances) that adapts in a timely and personalised way to the requirements of each work group.
  • Our spa can be enjoyed exclusively for a time of privacy and relaxation, where you can enjoy treatments and massages performed with natural products, and our panoramic pool, both places of leisure but also of possible group activities.
  • The largest luminous heart in the world that surrounds us and gives us its energy. It is a symbol of peace and love that creates a special atmosphere, a symbol of what we want to be and give to those who choose to come to us as part of their evolutionary journey.

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