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WellnessMassages and treatments

Our treatments

Massages and wellness treatments must be booked in advance and can be enjoyed individually or in pairs, in the Spa or even inside suites and rooms, for greater intimacy.

Gourmet Massages

Massages and treatments with a touch of uniqueness and originality, in the company of our excellent 0 km products to savour them also with the body

Intoxicating wine massage
Aphrodisiac chocolate massage
Soothing massage with olive oil

Duration 55 minutes – cost 80 Euro

Gourmet massage with 4 hands (special massage with one of the indicated products carried out by two operators simultaneously on one person) for total care at the cost of 120 Euro

Nature's caresses

Massages and treatments with which to enjoy a gentle touch, a caress of nature in harmony with the seasons

Relaxing/tension-relieving body massage with herbal bundles.

Candle massage with oil that melts on the body with scents of lavender, orange, tea, black opium, sandal, oriental and eucalyptus

Relaxing full-body massage with sweet almond oil or Argan oil
Full or partial energising massage with essential oils of lemon, lavender and thyme
Sensual and aphrodisiac body massage or partial massage with essential oils of cedar, ylang-ylang, sandal or cinnamon

Tension-relieving massage

Sensory massage on essential oils of rose and lavender
Exfoliating massage total or partial body in relation to the seasons

  • Winter: peppermint
  • Spring: poppy
  • Summer: strawberries and kiwifruit
  • Autumn: walnuts

Duration 55 minutes – cost 70 Euro


Back, neck, nape treatment. Performed in three modes, scrub, mud and massage to eliminate muscle tension in the back and cervical area. Body scrub is a treatment designed to smooth and exfoliate the epidermis and to eliminate keratinised cells. Skin will be brighter, silkier and more supple. The treatment can be enriched by an enveloping massage.

Duration 25 minutes. Cost 45 Euro

Treatments for specific needs

Eternal Gold revitalising anti-ageing treatment with sugar peeling (smoothing body sugar peeling) and massage with Smoothing Shea butter balm.

Slimming/anti-cellulite coffee body treatment with sugar peeling coffee and body butter coffee massage

Relaxing/antioxidant chocolate treatment with chocolate sugar peeling and massage with chocolate body butter.

Soothing, regenerating, nourishing goat’s milk body treatment with milk sugar peeling and milk body butter massage.

Body treatment Delicious revitalising/firming touch with sugar peeling and body butter massage.

Duration 60 minutes. Full treatment cost 80 Euro

Anti-cellulite muds

Detoxifying, draining and reducing thanks to the active ingredients contained in the soft thermal mud, this treatment will leave your skin compact, firm and smooth. The treatment will be followed by a light massage with anti-cellulite cream.

Duration 80 minutes: cost 70 Euro

Hand-foot treatment

Hand-foot treatment: 10 minutes of whirlpool that will soften the skin and prepare it for a gentle exfoliating scrub; a fatiguing and joint mobilisation massage will accompany the session to improve blood flow and to reduce tendon tension.

Duration 40 minutes: cost 40 Euro

Facial treatments

These 360° treatments include: facial cleansing, facial scrub, Bionanocellulose face mask* draining massage and Bionanocellulose moisturiser.

Bionanocellulose mask for the “Dreams of gold” treatment.

BiodeaNanocell Moisturising Mask for Hydramemory treatment.

BiodeaNanocell Anti-Age mask for Active purity regenerating treatment

Duration 60 minutes: cost 60 Euro

Write us to book your treatment